Shades of Shaylanna




I was exceptionally lucky to be able to travel to Ireland this year for 3 weeks with my Mom :). Here are some pictures of the places we saw.

Dublin Castle

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We arrived in Dublin around noon and met up with our tour bus group at the airport. After a short tour of Dublin and a relaxing dinner in our hotel we called it a night and got some much needed rest. Next day we headed south to Waterford stopping in Kilkenny at Ireland's National Stud . Where we toured the farm and Japanese gardens there. Then we were off to Waterford. In Waterford we naturally went on a tour at the Waterford Crystal Factory.

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Next we headed over to Blarney Castle and the Blarney Woolen Mills. It was cloudy but the light rain stopped before we got there.

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We also took a side trip to Cobh. Which is where the so many immigrants left for the New World and what the statue in the picture represents. Cobh is also the last stop the Titanic made.

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