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Shades of Shaylanna


Mystic Island is now the place to play. :)






Guess the iPlay site is now closed to non-paying members. Again because of a few people the owner has decided to punish all .


Sorry but this room is Restricted to Paid Members only

Due to direct threats and slanderous remarks made against iPlay and its owners, as well as the publication of a means to illegally disable portions of iPlay's program (disabling of the floating ad banner that generates revenue for iPlay's costs) iPlay will be open to those that are willing to help support it.

iPlay has been an optional paid membership to help defer operating costs. However, the feeling that players are OWED a FREE site to play on, holding the owners of the site solely responsible for operating costs is not only unacceptable, it is unrealistic.

The slanderous postings and advertisements in web pages by players paid and/or unpaid, has reached a totally unacceptable limit and forced iPlay owners to view and weigh all options before determining if iPlay will return to allowing free accesses.

Until such time as a decision has been made, iPlay will be open to all paid and supporting members only.