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Playing in Iplay I have had the great fortune of meeting some fantastic people. Some of whom I have been blessed to meet in real life. We shared a lot of fun times whether we had good meld or not and the loss of them is felt deeply. This is one page I hope not to have to update again. 

Tom DeMars aka hoyles_dad

August 20 1940- January 18 2003

At this time I don't have a pic of Tom but wanted to put something here as so many have asked me to and want to be able to express their sorrow to Tom's family. Instead of putting a poem here I think this email I received from 1 of Tom's many friends in Iplay sums up how so many feel..


I just heard the news about him L and I would like to tell all he touched my heart in a special way. I want to tell all who he was and what he means. When he walked in a playing room there was always a nice word from him. He was friendly and polite and the respect he had for a tourney host made us all smile . Underneath I want to quote something that happened at a tourney.

  I was running a tourney as IGH for a club Hoyles_Dad was playing in it we had met before and he was always nice and a friendly player. In comes in a former club member from the club I used to own. She came pestering me it was just teasing but the players didnít know I knew that person. So out comes Hoyles_Dad . He steps up and says to the person I wish you would take your talk to a different lobby because the IGH is running a tourney and we are enjoying it ! I stepped in said to Dad I knew the person and she was just teasing.

  But this is what Hoyles_Dad stands for! He stood up for the people around him even if they werenít close with him  he couldnít stand to see disrespect!!!!! Only thing I wish is some of you would listen to this lesson he all gave us and become like him. He was one great person.

  I would like to send my condolence to the whole Hoyles Family and also to all his friends and the Pino Friends he had.

  With Tears in the eyes I sign this,

  IGH_Dance aka Herbert

  My God have his soul and let him watch over this Brave Man

  He always will have a spot in my heart.

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